Face Leaving of the summer: over-dried face, pigmentation, weak vessels


Facial skin care later the summer... In a beginning of autumn sun is yet bright, however do not forget about the size of a protective cosmetics for face with SPF filter: 15. Brownness spots no color. Most likely, you did not apply the perezagorali sufficient protection from UV rays. A problem of weak vessels familiar to many women...

Assorted type of skin. Caring for a mixed (combined) skin

You keep a mixed type of facial skin? So, I Think about you want read this article to the end. Currently we talk some the combined or mixed type of face. Look after this type of face - not a simple proceedings. Following all, this type is characterized by increased production of sebum in the T-zone and normal, and often very dry face on a cheeks...

How to care for very dry face? Maintenance items for dry skin

Skin care - an important component of the "image." Skin may be of varied types, and it is important to pick out maintenance products for a particular skin type. How is care for dry facial skin? In this article, we will tell you about the size of contemporary care for very dry facial skin: cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition, covers, peel and scrubs...

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