Contemporary cosmetics to improve the complexion OLAY, Vichy Oligo 25, Clinique and Chanel


It would be fine if a skin was always shining, and a complexion - perfect. How, with age, healthy glow for any cause goes, a face fades, eye shadows appear, and look at yourself in the mirror no longer must.

What may be done to skin alive again, and a complexion was polish and lovely? You can apply decorative cosmetics: powders, creams, lipstick, and you will hide flaws, but that a face itself with this will not be recent and flourishing.

Besides hide under makeup unhealthy complexion infinitely not work - a matter will be exacerbated, and disguise them will be harder. So why bring himself to such a life?

There are a lot of ways to restore masks and skin care skin fine and radiance - however the long-known and newly developed modern cosmetology.

Means to improve the complexion

Current cosmetics help to improve a complexion. It peels, creams with vitamins C, arbutin, kojic acid extract, which may suppress a production of pigment and brighten the facial skin.

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  • Skin masks - an indispensable item for face attention
  • Facial skin Care following summer: over-desiccated skin, pigmentation, weak vessels
  • Lip attention: folk remedies for cracked lips
  • Eye Maintenance
  • Skin Leaving of the summer: over-dried skin, pigmentation, weak vessels
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  • Items to improve a complexion Chanel
  • So to remove a shine of a face. Masks against shine
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