Facial skin Attention later summer: over-dried facial skin, pigmentation, weak vessels


Skin service later a summer... In a start of autumn sun is still bright, however do not forget some the protective cosmetics for face with SPF filter: 15. Chocolate-brown spots no color. Most likely, you did not apply a perezagorali sufficient protection from UV rays. The matter of weak vessels familiar to many gerls...

Mixed type of skin. Caring for a assorted (combined) face

You possess a assorted type of facial skin? So, I Think about it you need read this article to the end. Now we talk approximately a combined or mix type of face. Look after this type of facial skin - not a simple procedure. Following all, this type is characterized by increased production of sebum in a T-zone and normal, and at times very dry facial skin on the cheeks...

How to look for very dry skin? Care items for dry facial skin

Skin leaving - an important component of your "image." Skin can be of various types, and it is influential to choose care products for the particular face type. So is look after very dry face? In this article, we will tell you approximately modern look after very dry face: cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition, masks, peels and scrubs...

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