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The easiest way to prepare a face cover - crushed good berries or melon, and immediately put on the facial skin. If crushed raw vegetables or fruit juicy enough, the pulp can add milk. If a pulp, by contrast, is too thin, add the flour to it. It is also convenient to put the whole items of orange, tomato, cucumber and grapefruit. If the consistency of the cover is a fresh juice, it is used how follows: a reasonable piece of gauze with cutouts for eyes, nose and mouth soaked in extract, a small squeeze and put on the face and neck skin. Instead of gauze can be applied a thin layer of cotton wool. You can just lubricate the face of fruits and fresh fruit fresh juice, leaving it on the face for 15-20 minutes. And you can mix up the nectar with rice, almond bran, wheat flour.

In winter it is recommended to add a face mask olive butter or glycerin. Mask from the slurry applied to a facial skin with a thick layer (with a ability to increase the suction of the face). These skin covers contain a lot of vitamin and are mainly used to improve a nutrition of a face.

So, if the skin is irritated, calm her cool mask with cucumber and if "tired" for the work 7 days how you are and get flabby - cheer burning mask with products of a bees (propolis). If a coldness on your face become ingrained appear colored spots, make weekly paraffin cover - it will strengthen the superficial circulation and deep defects gradually "dissolve." A duration of this procedure -15-20 min. But if a face is dilated blood vessels, paraffin may not be used.

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