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Home remedies for bruises and circles under the skin eyes


As, there are home remedies that will help restore a healthy tone and color sensitive facial skin under the eyes. For example, get rid of the circles under her eyes and bruises will compress from a compote of sage. Earlier going to bed make 1 tsp. In 100 ml of stewing water and close the vial for Fifteen minutes. One part of the cool down in the fridge, and a other slightly heartwarming. Then soak in a heated compote of 2 little items of cotton wool and put them on closed skin eyes. Of the 10 minutes, do enjoy a coldness compress. Alternately apply a compress to a eyes of a hot, so coldness broth (any 7-10 min).

Effective action against under-eye bags cover leaf parsley. Finely chop a good green leaves, and put them on the swollen skin. Then cover with a damp cotton swab skin eyes and leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes.

With swollen eyelids are good dealt with by a potato cover. Take water-washed but unpeeled raw potatoes and rub it on a grate. So 2 teaspoons resulting puree assorted with 2 tsp mealy and 1 tbsp. Spoon of natural milk. Later that, apply a mask on for ever and keep it for 15-20 min.

Good blood circulation around the eye cover of coriander, cucumber and sour cream. Pick up TWO tablespoon chopped coriander and cucumber and put them in 1 spoon a spoonful of sour serum. Put a cover on a eyelids and the face around the skin eyes for about the size of Fifteen minutes. So rinse with cool aqua and use on eye moisturizer.

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