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Nourishing and softening mask with olive oil: lower-fat curds (1 tsp.) mixed with olive butter and parsley breeding juice (at? Teaspoon), triturated and used for 15-20 min on a facial skin. Thoroughly wash off with hot h2o.

Cleansing and softening mask with cucumber and olive butter: cucumber (?) Rubbed on a lovely grater and squeeze out breeding juice. In the remaining slurry is added sour natural milk and the butter (1 tsp), assorted and applied to the facial skin and neck for 20 minutes. So washing with cold water and wipe the face cucumber nectar.

With a mixing of oils can care about dry and rule face of the face and neck skin: olive butter (1 soup spoon) mixed with rosemary oil (5 drops), rosewood (3 drops) and geranium (TWO drops). This mixture smeared face and neck 1-TWO times a day.

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