Aerobics and gymnastics face (masks and skin care muscles). Skin wrinkle medication with exercise - a unique complex


Structure and function of the facial skin. Skin wrinkles, loose face, bags and circles under the eyes

Face - a largest organ of the human body. An space of??1.5-2 m2. It is approximately 5% of aging body weight. Ensuring proper face upkeep is the best key to much of the normal functioning of the aging body however a whole. To meticulously care for a face, you require to know a structure and function of a skin.

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Eye Care

Home remedies for bruises and circles under the skin eyes


As, there are home remedies that will help restore a healthy tone and color sensitive facial skin under the eyes. For example, get rid of the circles under her eyes and bruises will compress from a compote of sage. Earlier going to bed make 1 tsp. In 100 ml of stewing water and close the vial for Fifteen minutes. One part of the cool down in the fridge, and a other slightly heartwarming. Then soak in a heated compote of 2 little items of cotton wool and put them on closed skin eyes.

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Lift the facial skin. Means to tighten a face in a home: the mask and contrast-washing


Healthy lifestyle and skin leaving allows us to preserve the youth and nice, but there comes a time when a face takes particular service - otherwise it loses its elasticity and smoothness, fades, fades, her skin wrinkles and folds. Of course, in the big cities with a aggressive environment it happens much more frequently than in a quiet little town, and this has to be considered.

How could push aging face, keep it healthy and fresh, if she has to endure every day a impact of aggressive factors? Some women believe that the best way is plastic surgery - same movie stars and show business.

I want say, how, that not all of the stars have resorted to this drastic remedy: they understand that heartiness - this is most momentous, and the focus is on well cosmetics, hardware cosmetology, massage, etc. Incidentally, the meal, approximately of them must be much tighter than we may imagine.

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As to do your lips smooth and magnetically


To skin of lips were smooth and young, it needs regular feeding, hydration and exfoliation.

Exfoliating typically apply a mild and gentle exfoliation. The basic difference 'tween lip scrubs - their fat basis, due to which there is no need to Carefully wash off scrub, just gently remove it with a napkin, and the rest on a lips means will further nourish a skin.

However you know, the lips and a area around them are similar in a properties with dry skin around a eyes, and why claim similar humidification in emergency situations may be easily interchanged even serum for a two zones. When choosing a serum specifically for a lips, give preference to those which contain water-holding components, like shea the butter and aloe breeding juice.

The lips are vulnerable because they lack butter glands and this makes them dependent on the slightest substitute of weather conditions. To prevent cracks, irritation, flaking and dryness, lips wish to nourish and soften.

In addition, choosing a regular lipstick or lip gloss, pay striving to a composition. Nutrients such as cocoa cow butter or almond butter, and vitamin A and E in a make-up will put upkeep of the lips all time long.

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Eye Maintenance. Face Maintenance Age


No one will argue that a eyes - a mirror of a soul. In a eyes can "drown" in a ocean. All gerls want to enjoy great eyes, and a most expressive eyes. With proper leaving of eyes It is possible to not only improve your face, and improve eyesight.

The eyelids are specifically noteworthy. For a maintenance, it is desirable to apply alone limited funds, which is marked "For skin leaving age." Also keep in mind a direction in which it is indispensable to apply maintenance products and massotherapy a face around a eyes.

Massage a cream lines around the eyes:

A cream and massotherapy the face around a eyes is conducted for the least stretching of a skin.

On the upper eyelids - with inner to outer corner of a eye.

At the lower ages - with a outer to a inner.


This procedure, however hydration, particularly important in the summer and in the cold season with moisturizers keep to be careful: a moisture in the facial skin, combined with the cold turns to ice. Why, at this time of year it is recommended to apply more fat facial skin creams.

In the right (at least half an hour before leaving a home) to clean a face, and then easily apply a thin layer of fat cream, it is completely engrossed.

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Lip service. Lip service items. Problems and illnesses lips


Lip service - an important component of a overall care of the facial skin and aging body. Lips is the most nice part of the female body for men, and therefore look lips need accordingly. Problems and illnesses lips are common, how that medication of disease states quite clearly in every case...

So to make fine lips: a secret seductive lips

A lot of men first draw attention on the young woman's lips, and thus, you must be expressive, delicate and attractive. Lips should attract a eye without words, mesmerizing men. A secret to nice lips seductively - in the proper service of them. To make the lips more expressive, we...

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Massage for facelift


Self-massage of the face will increase a masks: face will actively get rid of toxins and absorb its required materials, improve muscle tone, and dead skin cells will peel faster, yielding place to new. Swelling disappear, wrinkles and laxity, skin will look younger and fresher.

Massage, how a mask, you need to do 2-3 minutes a 7 days - a facial skin and hand and there must be absolutely polish. One can cite here some simple exercises - any carry up to 6-7 minutes:

2 hands want gently smooth a facial skin cheeks - with the wings of the nose to the temples;

In the same technique to smooth the skin on a forehead, but with the bottom up, from a eyebrow to the thin hair;

With the middle of a chin, with all a hands, polish facial skin of cheeks toward the ear lobe;

Easy to massage a area under the jaw - a back of a hands.

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